Wednesday, July 11, 2012


One of the coolest things we've been watching lately is our neighborhood Goldfinches helping themselves to the nesting material that we hung out for them earlier in the spring.  It's basically just a ball of cotton-like material that we purchased at Wild Birds Unlimited on the west side of Madison.  Wanting to provide a well-rounded habitat for our backyard birds, we first thought about throwing our dryer lint out there for the birds to use, but we soon learned that that material is not safe for the birds. The nesting material has been very popular in our yard this year, and the birds are still flocking to it even though it's the middle of summer now.  Surprisingly, we also found a Chickadee nest in one of our birdhouses that was clearly lined with some of our dogs' hair that must have been blowing around the yard after we brushed them one day.  Now that's recycling!

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